M. Bruno Le Maire participe à la réunion informelle des ministres des Affaires économiques et financières

M. Bruno Le Maire a participé à la réunion informelle des ministres des Affaires économiques et financières qui s’est déroulée à Vienne le 8 septembre 2018.

Il s’est exprimé à son arrivée à la réunion avec son homologue allemand, M. Olaf Scholz.

Déclaration conjointe de M. Bruno Le Maire, ministre de l’Économie et des Finances et de M. Olaf Scholz, Vice-chancelier et Ministre fédéral des Finances de l’Allemagne, à leur arrivée à la réunion informelle des ministres des Affaires économiques et financières (Vienne, 8 septembre 2018)

M. Bruno Le Maire : "Good morning. I am very happy to be here in this great city of Vienna with my friend Olaf Scholz. I am deeply convinced that we will have today a constructive and fruitfull discussion about the key financial issues for Europe. I will just mention two of those issues. The first one is the integration of the Eurozone : we are fully determined with Olaf to register new steps in the integration of the Eurozone and the improving of the functioning of the Eurozone. We have a very solid basis with the Meseberg agreement and we think it is time now to move on on three main topics : the first one is the reform of the ESM, the second one is the Eurozone budget and the third one is the entry into force of the backstop. On those three issues, we are deeply convinced that we should register some concret improvments and some concrete steps by the end of this year.

The second key topic will be the taxation of the Internet giants. I would like to underline that the current situation is unfair and unefficient. We have also a solid basis to work, to move on with the proposal of the Commission. So we will have today a discussion and I will make a new proposal. My proposal would be that we introduce a sunset clause in the proposal of the Commission so that as soon as there will be a decision at the level of the OECD, the solution of the OECD members will replace the European solution. But we need now to take decisions and I think that we should be able to take a decision at the European level on the Internet taxation by the end of this year under the Austrian Presidency. And you know that the Austrian Presidency is fully committed to have a decision on that key topic by the end of this year. I would like to add a few words to say that with Olaf, we are doing a very good job. An I think that the quality of our personal relationship is really a key for the success of the French-German relationship but also for the success of all European Members.

M. Olaf Scholz : We spent a lot of work together and a lot of time together on the beginning of this year to find solutions to all the questions on the European Union agenda. It was a lot of hours, it was some nights but in the end we got a success. And you find it in the common proposal by Bruno and me and you find it in the decision in Meseberg the French and German government took. So this is on the table and this is a very good basis for all the debates we have now in Europe. And the aim is to get to an end and to be successful up to the end of this year and to find solutions which are than feasible for all the European Union. This is something where we really still have to do hard work but I am optimistic that in December in the most important questions we will find results and we will be able to start the process of putting them into legislation. The first thing is to work on the banking union, to work on the question of the ESM, all this is on the table and Bruno mentionned the questions related to that. And the second is that we also discuss new topics which have to be solved. One of them is as anyone understands and anyone feels deeply in its heart, the question that it is not fair that the most successful new companies of the world, the platform companies, the IT companies, the Internet companies are not doing their contribution to financing our public goods. And the task we have to solve as States and so it is necessary that we find a solution. It is very good that that early we are discussing the question on the international agenda, in the OECD and other places ; it is absolutly good that we discuss this question here in Europe and that there are proposas on the table. And if you look back to other problems that came up during history and came up because of changes of economy and technology, we are very early and we are really acting early before the problem becomes a too big one. It is very necessary to take some times to debate but are absolutely willing to find a solution very soon"./.

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