Visio-conférence des ministres européens de la Recherche

La ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation, Mme Frédérique Vidal, a participé à la visio-conférence des ministres européens de la Recherche, le 7 avril 2020.

Communiqué de presse de la Présidence croate du Conseil de l’Union européenne, 7 avril 2020

Coordinated research and innovation actions across the EU to reinforce the fight against COVID-19

The Croatian Presidency of the Council of the EU organised an informal videoconference of EU research ministers to discuss joint research and innovation response to COVID-19.

The videoconference chaired by Blaženka Divjak, Minister of Research and Education of the Republic of Croatia was also attended by the EU Commissioner for innovation, research, culture, education and youth, Mariya Gabriel.

The crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic has an unprecedented impact on our health systems, societies and economies. Research and innovation are called upon to play an important role in overcoming this crisis. Only with the help of research and our scientists will we be able to answer a series of current global challenges – from the discovery of the vaccine to saving our economies to recover in shortest possible timeframe. More than ever, scientists have become irreplaceable advisors to decision-makers in a number of areas, from health to education and economy.

Ministers support a set of 10 actions to be implemented at EU level

On 26th March, EU leaders recognised research and innovation as one of the five main strands where efforts and investments need to continue in order to help overcome the crisis. As a follow-up to this request, EU Research Ministers today expressed support for a first set of 10 actions which can be implemented at EU level in very short time period.

Ministers also exchanged views on how EU research and innovation should respond to the medium and long-term effects of the crisis. They also discussed the important role of scientists in advising decision-makers.

Ministers stressed that the joint plan listing priority actions should be regularly updated in a co-creative manner between the Commission services and national administrations in the coming months. There was broad acknowledgment that the European Research Area should, based on recent lessons learned, strive to provide a faster response to similar future crises.

Research is key to address the pandemic

Finally, ministers welcomed the idea of synergies between all available EU programmes and funds and supported the need to attract considerable further investments in research and innovation across the EU./.

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