Roxana Maracineanu participe à la visio-conférence des ministres en charge du sport

Mme Roxana Maracineanu, la ministre des Sports, a participé à la visio-conférence des ministres européens en charge du sport, le 2 juin 2020.

Communiqué de presse du Conseil de l’Union européenne : Vidéoconférence des ministres des sports, 2 juin 2020

Ministers held an exchange of views about the next steps in addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sport sector in the short, mid and long-term. The aim of the discussion was to contribute to the recovery of the sector and to build resilience in view of unpredictable future developments.

The debate was structured around the following topics :

  • measures taken or planned to restart sport activities in a sustainable manner
  • main challenges encountered
  • strengthening the cooperation between member states, the EU and the sport movement
  • kind of support currently available to the sport sector at EU and national level

"A special emphasis should be placed on the safe return of athletes and citizens to sport activities and on launching sport events without jeopardising public health. It is also necessary to continue strengthening the dialogue with the sports movement at all levels – from local to international – in order to address jointly long-term adjustments to changes brought upon by this crisis", Tomislav Družak, State Secretary

Ministers agreed that all sport activities should resume in safe conditions and stressed the economic and social importance of the sport sector. They exchanged best practices and highlighted several points, in particular :

  • using EU funds and programmes to support the sport sector, in particular Erasmus+ Coronavirus response investment initiative and European week of sport
  • recognizing the role of sport and its importance for social and economic development in the future EU measures and instruments
  • coordinating procedures with the European sport organisations with a view to safely resuming sport activities
  • ensuring continuous dialogue with the sports movement
  • issuing guidelines for conducting sport activities in safe conditions at all levels
  • providing additional support to preserve jobs, compensate for wage loss and implementing unemployment benefits schemes

The Croatian presidency thanked member states for their cooperation and contribution to finalising the Council conclusions on empowering coaches by enhancing opportunities to acquire skills and competences. These conclusions will be adopted through a written procedure./.

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