Cédric O participe à la visio-conférence des ministres européens en charge des télécommunications

M. Cédric O, secrétaire d’Etat en charge du Numérique, a participé le 6 mai 2020 à la visio-conférence des ministres européens en charge des télécommunications.

Communiqué de presse de la Présidence croate du Conseil de l’Union européenne (6 mai 2020)

Digital sector is playing a key role in fighting the pandemic

EU Telecommunications Ministers gathered for the first time during this crisis to discuss the implications of COVID-19 crisis for the telecommunications and digital sector.

Today was the first informal videoconference of EU Telecommunications Ministers on the implications of the COVID-19 on the telecommunications and digital sector organized by the Croatian Presidency. Oleg Butković, Croatian Minister for the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, chaired the meeting with the participation of Margarethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President and Thierry Breton, European Commissioner responsible for Internal Market.

Ministers discussed the use of mobile applications and mobility data to combat the COVID-19 crisis. They stressed the need for a coordinated approach at EU level and underlined that the contact tracing applications will be important for the gradual relaxation of measures.

The Commission highlighted that the reliance on digital technology is key to keeping society running, teleworking, and learning, and that the importance of digital tools is more visible than ever.

“The COVID-19 crisis has proven that very high capacity digital infrastructures both at national and EU level are indispensable at times of crisis such as this one. The aim of today’s meeting was to set out the role digitalisation will play in the fight against the pandemic, and the development of the economy through further digitisation.”- Oleg Butković, Croatian Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure

Ministers also reflected on the role of the digital sector in the post COVID-19 recovery as well as on measures to incentivise investment in the deployment of new digital infrastructure. They underlined that the digital sector plays a key role in fighting the pandemic and will certainly play a similarly important role in the post-pandemic recovery.

“I would like to thank the Presidency for organizing this important and timely debate. If we have learned anything from the last weeks and months, it is the reliance on digital technologies for keeping many essential societal and economic functions running during the COVID-19 confinement.” - Margarethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President

“This pandemic knows no borders or nationality. Its rapid spread can only be stopped if we act together, with urgency, daring, responsibility, but above all in a spirit of unwavering solidarity. As part of the instruments at our disposal are of course all the digital technologies, including contact tracing apps, which will allow EU to be alerted of possible contagion in a secure and protected way, wherever they are in the EU, and whatever devices they are using.” - Thierry Breton, Commissioner responsible for Internal Market

In his concluding remarks, Minister Butković stressed that today’s meeting also served as a platform for better coordination for the next steps in the digital sector, including the measures needed to stimulate investment related to the development of new digital infrastructure at EU level./.

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